Frequently Asked Questions


1Can I participate in team training even though I have not taken the Orientation Course?
Everyone is welcome at our evening classroom training sessions held on the second Tuesday of the month in Fairplay and the fourth Tuesday of the month in Bailey. We provide a Mentor to all Prospective Members after they have filled out an application and the Board has reviewed the application.
2Does PCSAR charge for its search and rescue services?
We do not charge for services we provide pursuing or in support of search, rescue or recovery operations. We follow the Colorado Search and Rescue Board's policy which can be viewed at the following link:
3How do I become a member of the Park County Search and Rescue team?
You are required to fill out a "Personal Resume" and pass a background check. You are encouraged to attend week night and weekend training's which can be found on our training calendar while the Board of Directors reviews your application.