Park County Search and Rescue (PCSAR) requests that media persons not attempt to contact the team or its members directly.

The PCSAR team has two primary missions:

1. To safely locate, access, stabilize and get backcountry patients (anyone in distress) to safety and definitive care, if needed.

2. To educate the public on safe backcountry use.

On occasion, we receive inquiries from media outlets for access to our team and to get information about our search and rescue missions.

As caregivers, the specifics of our missions are no more public information than are the patient interactions and treatment in an ambulance response. Regarding specific missions, press access is limited to the Park County Sheriff’s office, which is in charge of each PCSAR callout. General inquiries at the Sheriff's Office can be made at: (719) 836-2494.

The only media requests we honor are for opportunities to educate the public on safe backcountry use, which we will do as time permits, and is generally focused on local media outlets.

We are unpaid professionals who volunteer our time to provide mountain search and rescue services on behalf of the Park County, Colorado Sheriff’s department. When we are not training, maintaining mission readiness, meeting or working with our regional rescue colleagues, providing for public education on safe back country use, or actually on a mission; we spend our time on our paying jobs, with our families, recreating and generally pursuing our own lives.

We have neither the time nor the interest in seeking media attention for ourselves and, as a matter of policy, decline all invitations to participate in any and all unsolicited efforts to "tell our story".